White is the colour of protection and purification. It helps our body to regenerate and to keep our energy sources united. White protects us from all forms of pollution and man-made environmental disorders. Joy blossoms within its candour.


“ The ancient yet still young song embodies the dance of colours, the carousel from which my silk dress is woven. I am the clouds up above the sky where air becomes milk and honey. My body takes shape with the falling snow that silently lays candour in the diamond’s shiny crystal. My skin becomes Moon-like in the foam of a rippling stream. I am your aura of pure light, forever and always, as I sit and spin the rainbow-coloured yarn for you, my great little Harlequin.” 


Purple embodies the period of change, modifications and everything that throws you off centre, it will guide you through times of trial and search. It promotes the correct form of coolness and the ability to predict, imagine and feel the incoming goodness. Purple enhances and stimulates intuition.


“I step in and out again from the ashes, from gloomy woods and I keep my stones in the wayfarer’s worn out bundle. I paint the sky crisscrossed by flocks of migratory birds and, along their marked path without traces, I am fortified by the sound of the unspeakable.

I permeate the invisible and transform it like a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, manure turns to flower, a body healing. I hold the stick that can beat, but also the pillow that cherishes vision. In tender age I become the Violet that paints magic the fragrant air.”



Blue allows you to become deeply in contact with your own silence, which can be heard only through the ability to listen and wait.

This colour brings tranquillity; it calms down our mind and purifies our thoughts. It makes us feel welcoming and frees us from being judicious; it slows down our manner and it supports our verbal expression, making it clear and strong.


“I am all that is left of you when you get lost in the clear sky. It is then that I take shape and head off to visit the other side of the Moon. We join closely together while you stare at the sea standing on a rock and that’s when I run to open the doors, open the windows and welcome the chant of the stars. I purify myself in the eyes of children and in their simple talk and while the elderly narrate their tales I make my way home. You can hear me in your breath, in the smoke of incense, in the sound of a sea-shell on your ear."


With this colour you become one with the world’s soul, you find tranquillity, confidence, hope and compassion which will lead you to unconditional love.

Green will open your eyes to the beauty of creation.


“ I am the cool and merry song able to open gems. I emerge at dawn when the Sun comes to join the pail Moon after her nocturnal dance in the sky. I roar, flow and then I subside in the river of life where I always end, each time with my emerald of hope. Undisturbed, I observe woods, forests, beloved fields, where I am faith. I take you by the hand and, while showing you the surrounding beauty, I whisper in your ear: ‘this is you’.”


 With this colour you will foster the perception of your ego and recognise your personal power, feel your allure and charm and become dynamic. You will identify the limits of your sacred space, improving your determination and willpower, which will lead you to fulfilment.


“I am Yellow, my gleaming rays dash to conquer the world. The air is moved by tepid breeze and that’s when I smell freedom, among golden curls. In my heart my jewel glistens and emanates cheerful laughter; every beauty is followed by plump and blooming trills. You can hear my voice when wheat matures and your universe reflects and moulds in the miracle of a nourishing grain. This is me, I am the yellow rousing from the earth in springtime to celebrate intention, prelude of every motion.”


Orange will help you to heal old traumas and guilt and will allow you to embrace the body and live in pleasure. It connects you to creativity and the ability to discover your mission and fulfil it, communicate it and share it. Orange bestows balance and fluency to your emotions.


“I flow along the course and stop to enjoy the sand heated by the sun. I express myself in the motions of a body in water. I smile when the right thing meets the right time and I roll smoothly on my belly. I embody the taste of eating from the hands and I shine my light when my foot recognises its shoe and the shoe its path. I shield the road which enshrines love; I nourish gifts and talents with pure water. With the warmth of tears and the swinging of lullabies I bring comfort .”


Red stimulates your instinctive energy; helps you keep your feet on the ground and allows you to find your roots and stand up for yourself. Red stimulates your survivor instinct, physical and material life experience and promotes courage to help achieve serious turning points. Red gives passion.


“I burn in poppy fields to celebrate the summer. I flow and immortalise in the blood vessels. My body boils in the centre of the earth. I play the powerful drum of life and swell in flushed cheeks, in passion moving steps, in every stop!, in every single door shut behind you, in tongues of fire. I become solid and rich in revolutions, in the free shudders of a body, in every leap. With my eyes on both feet I set path and take courage from the passion of instinct.”

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