Vestiti di luce Beijaflor represents the union of two passions, born within the same family: a professional and experienced Herbalist and her daughter, a young talented Stylist. From this combination of talents an ethical and ecological line of clothes and accessories was founded.

An innovative way of dressing takes hold: the importance of pampering ourselves through our skin, thanks to essential oil diffusers and floral remedies, both of which allow us to come in touch with the virtues of the seven colours of the rainbow. Simply pour a drop of Nectar of light onto the felt ball and wear a Beijaflor garment; in this way you can carry the fragrance and the message of your chosen colour around with you at all times.




BEIJAFLOR by Humus s.n.c.

via Laghetti, 42

47027 Sarsina (FC)

tel. 0547-698068



Photographer: Valeria Schettino

Model: Beatrice Angeloni e Carol Ceccarelli


Catalogo Beijaflor P/E 2017
catalogo beijaflor online.pdf
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